Workshops where we can experience what it is to be in the flow of our creative energy. Intouch with the intelligence of our whole being, our body’s logic and our natural ability to express.

The creative impulse:

We are currently planning our

Summer Workshop 2021

A joint workshop between Andrew James Ward and Uta Riek.

What to expect: This is to play, to search, to risk and to discover. We shall work in different mediums: drawing, writing, painting, and interventions in the landscape. Working mostly outside we shall choose a theme to explore and discover, finding the relationship to the land, to the sea, to ourselves, to each other and the turning world. 


Wednesday August 25, 2021 10 am to
Saturday August 28, 2021 16pm

For more information and registration please contact us at

„I have a feeling that art is something you do for yourself, and that any time you turn your decisions over to someone else you’re postponing at best, your own development. The atmosphere of the workshop should be that of trying out one’s own work and accepting the signals from others but not accepting the dictation of others because that is a violation of the spirit of art. Art can’t be done by somebody else, it has got to be done by the artist.“

William Stafford